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A big warm welcome from everyone at Derby City Branch. Every member of UNISON belongs to a local branch which is made up of people working for the same employer ­ or sometimes working for the company which is used by the main employer. Your 'Derby City Branch' branch is no different ...

Your branch brings you together with other employees who face common issues in the workplace. The Branch will enable you to get full support when times are difficult.

Workplace stewards and health and safety representatives are the core of the branch. Without them there would be no union to support you at work and negotiate for a better deal ...

Together we are stronger if you require any support please don't hesitate to contact us.


This week marks the time when hundreds and thousands of our public service members should be looking forward to a pay increase. 

Not because they are greedy, not because they are overpaid compared to those in the private sector, but because the continued pay freeze in making life harder to make ends meet; harder to pay the bills for everyday essential such as food and fuel. 

And we know from research that members are cutting down on food, children’s shoes and even prescriptions.

While MPs have started their three-week Easter break, UNISON members deliver public services 24/7. It is time that this government took a long hard look at the face of hypocrisy in the mirror and paid up for low paid public service workers.